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Triceps Injury

Ray Lewis left late in the game Sunday against the Cowboys with a right arm injury. Apparently he was in too much pain for the medical team to get a good exam, but there was suspicion of at least some degree of tearing in the triceps. Today (Monday) it was confirmed by MRI that Lewis, now 37 years old, has a complete rupture of the triceps.

The triceps brachii is the muscle at the back of the arm that extends (straightens) the arm at the elbow. The tendon inserts at the back of the elbow. Triceps injuries are pretty rare and are usually the result of injury. There is usually a visible or palpable defect (meaning you can see or feel it on exam), but in the case of a professional athlete, MRI or ultrasound can be obtained to confirm the diagnosis. Acute ruptures of the triceps will require surgical intervention. Unfortunately for Lewis, that means his season is over.