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Advice for SEAK Attendees


Many physicians interested in non-clinical work are likely familiar with the organization SEAK. For those who aren’t familiar, SEAK is an educational company with a focus on “teaching physicians how to supplement their clinical income through lucrative home-based work and educating physicians about the numerous non-clinical career options available to them,” among other things. I’ve

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What’s the Point of LinkedIn Anymore?


Warning: rant ahead. But as a professional who depends upon networking, I feel that it’s warranted. We need to rethink how we’re using LinkedIn. No, seriously. Unless you’re looking for a job, it’s just not very useful anymore. I know this post might make me sound like an old, cranky curmudgeon, but hear me out

What’s the Point of LinkedIn Anymore?2020-01-30T16:59:27-05:00

Common Questions About Getting Into Medical Writing


Physician readers of this blog know that interest in non-clinical careers and side gigs is at an all-time high. As someone who left clinical practice years ago to pursue medical communications, I’m frequently asked about how to get into medical writing. (You can read more about my transition out of medicine here.) When I

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My Story


Post from Doctor's Crossing “What?!? Why?!?” These are the two questions I receive (often simultaneously) when I tell someone that I’m no longer practicing medicine. Many other questions and comments usually follow, such as, “But you spent all that time in school and residency…” Ah, yes. All that time. And training. And debt. Why

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