Advice for SEAK Attendees


Many physicians interested in non-clinical work are likely familiar with the organization SEAK. For those who aren’t familiar, SEAK is an educational company with a focus on “teaching physicians how to supplement their clinical income through lucrative home-based work and educating physicians about the numerous non-clinical career options available to them,” among other things. I’ve

Advice for SEAK Attendees2020-02-24T14:15:34-05:00

What’s the Point of LinkedIn Anymore?


Warning: rant ahead. But as a professional who depends upon networking, I feel that it’s warranted. We need to rethink how we’re using LinkedIn. No, seriously. Unless you’re looking for a job, it’s just not very useful anymore. I know this post might make me sound like an old, cranky curmudgeon, but hear me out

What’s the Point of LinkedIn Anymore?2020-01-30T16:59:27-05:00